Thomas Dudley signals the end of the leaky toilet valve ..

Thomas Dudley proudly announces the launch of Quantum, its new Pushbutton Operated Leak-Free Syphonic Toilet Flush Valve. 

Innovative Pushbutton Operation: Quantum is the first button operated mechanically activated syphon and comes equipped with a user-friendly pushbutton mechanism, providing a convenient and intuitive flushing experience.

Leak-Free Syphonic Technology: Designed and engineered in the UK, Quantum incorporates advanced syphonic technology that lifts water with no power assistance in order to eliminate leaks and minimise water wastage. 

Water Conservation: Thomas Dudley is committed to sustainability, and the new Quantum reflects that commitment. In the UK enough water is leaking from toilets to fill over 4 MILLION baths EVERY DAY. By utilising the leak-free benefits of a syphon, coupled with the ease of the pushbutton mechanism of a flush valve, Quantum optimises water usage by eliminating leaks without compromising performance. Quantum helps users reduce their environmental footprint and lower water bills.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed with installers and maintenance teams in mind, Quantum boasts a hassle-free installation process and requires a reduced amount of maintenance compared to a standard flush valve. This ensures that both professionals and end-users can enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge technology with ease.

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