Adveco Introduces Chilled Water System Tanks ..

Hot water specialist Adveco introduces the Chilled Water System (CWS). This range of premium carbon steel tanks serves a diverse range of commercial cooling applications – including heat pumps, chillers or fan coil units – which require chilled water storage.

Each vessel features multiple large bore flanges providing high-capacity connections as standard at high and low levels catering for a wide range of system applications with moderate to high flow rates. 10 high-capacity, low-height models from 300 to 5000 litres enables chiller systems to considerably improve performance by ensuring better temperature control, increasing chiller longevity, reducing condenser cycling and improving system start-up times.

Each CWS tank is supplied with dual-layer insulation, the inner lining providing an anti-condensation underlay, and then a further 100mm of outer insulation. The Adveco CWS range is suitable for use with standard working pressures of up to 6 bar. For projects requiring higher pressure, such as multi-storey buildings with basement plant rooms, 10 bar versions are available on request in all sizes. 

Multiple sensor pockets at all levels provide straightforward integration of controls or BMS sensors. An inspection/clean-out flange allows for ease of service or maintenance.

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