Plug-in to BIM V3, the most advanced BIM Brick files ..

bim brick files

Michelmersh remains at the forefront of industry innovation, constantly continuing to lead the way in offering intuitive, informative and supportive product data through the most up-to-date construction technology procedures. The manufacturer has also committed itself to upgrading its files alongside the latest BIM software developments. Now on Version 3 (V3), Michelmersh continues to pave the way for the most advanced and helpful BIM brick files on the market, which now also includes its full Carlton, i-Line and Synthesis brick brands and ranges. This recent revision includes bricks, pavers and roof tile products, containing further improved textures and a much wider breadth of product metadata parameters from Product Data Templates (PDTs) to comply with the most current standards possible.

For more information on BIM brick files from Michelmersh, please visit their website. 

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