How UNILIN Evola division panels evolve ..

division panels

A UNILIN Evola collection is impossible without inspiration and so the development team at UNILIN, division panels, is constantly on the hunt for originality and individuality, looking for new ways to make UNILIN Evola excel in aesthetic and textural integrity. The UNILIN studio is full of genuine products, for instance designer coffee tables discovered on Italian holidays, and these are used as inspiration for new textures in the Evola collection. Today, the originality and authenticity of textures are more important than ever, people want to feel, and there’s little point in an attractive décor if it comes across as fake. That is why, UNILIN, division panels, has spent the last few years focusing on developing textures.

For more information on Evolva divisions panels, please visit the UNILIN website. 

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