Hydro International incorporates future-proof design ..

Hydro International is redefining the standard for hydraulic efficiency and adjustability with an upgrade to their most popular and highest performing flow control.

The Hydro-Brake® Optimum Hydraulic Efficient vortex flow controls will now incorporate an adjustable inlet as standard.

The adjustable inlet will enable engineers to future proof their drainage design with up to plus or minus 20% change in design flow should additional developments or urban creep cause an increase in flows, saving the cost of a replacement flow control.

When using our free Online Design Tool (hydro-int.design), the adjustable intake will be automatically included on units designed with the default ‘Hydraulic Efficient’ objective.  The tool will output a unique triple head / discharge curve showing the maximum and minimum flow rate range.  The initial setting of the designed unit will be the centre line, shown in blue.  Post-installation, the unit can be adjusted to any flow rate within the minimum / maximum range.

Using the Online Design Tool, engineers designing in a Hydro-Brake® Optimum are able to select from a range of different objectives to meet their design requirements.

Engineers designing Hydro-Brake® Optimum units in modelling software such as Autodesk, Site3D and Causeway Flow, should contact Hydro International for the triple head / discharge curve and design outputs.

To find out more about Hydro International’s Vortex flow control Click Here

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