KEIM – the eco friendly masonry paint which meets the highest fire resistant classification. ..

Let’s share the great news KEIM silicate paints are fire resistant to the highest Euronorm classification (EN13501-1), ideal for specifiers, contractors, housing associations and councils involved with decoration and refurbishment of high rise buildings in the UK, to ensure compliance with current fire regulations.

It’s obvious why fire resistance in residential tall buildings and high-rise blocks is so topical, with current fire regulations requiring non combustible materials to be used on residential buildings above 18m in height.

Vanessa Fox, Commercial Manager at KEIM Mineral Paints helps to explain,’ Our methodology of using natural, pure ingredients dates back to 1878, our paints have always been incombustible by nature, and we are proud that they have achieved the classification A2-s1, d0.’

Vanessa continues, ‘The A2 part of the classification means the materials are ‘non-combustible.’ The ‘s1’ element relates to smoke propagation during the first ten minutes of exposure, with KEIM products producing ‘little or no smoke.’ The final part, the ‘d’ relates to flaming droplets and particles, with KEIM products rated as ‘d0’ which certifies ‘none.’ 

So which products within the KEIM portfolio meet the Euronorm A2-s1, d0 standard?

Within their exterior masonry paint range, the multi-purpose KEIM Soldalit (and the ME air purifying version), KEIM Granital and KEIM Concretal (Black, W, and Lasur) and within their interior range KEIM Optil (ultra matt finish), KEIM Innostar (one coat paint system) and KEIM Ecosil-ME (air purifying paint).

In addition to their paint systems, KEIM also produce a range of fire resistant render, stone repair and concrete repair systems.

Vanessa concludes, ‘The world of paint is evolving as sustainability awareness increases. At KEIM we are proud to say that our products have more Cradle to Cradle (C2C) accreditations than any other paint manufacturer.  As well as providing a range of paint and render products for interiors and exteriors, we are delighted with the extra layer of protection that our fire-resistant status gives to our customers. 

Not only are KEIM paints incombustible, they last for decades due to the permanent bond formed with the substrate, they are highly breathable, and do not fade with time. 

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