Mapei extends coatings range with Dursilite & Mapecoat Act paint series ..

Mapei has introduced a series of new professional paint finishes to its Wall Protection & Decorative Coatings range.  They include Dursilite – a new range of  water-based paints offered in five finishes – and new Mapecoat Act – a new paint that is resistant to mould, viruses and bacteria and developed for areas where hygiene and prolonged resistance to cleaning are key considerations.  Both ranges are offered in 1 litre, 4 litre and 14 litre units, in recycled plastic. 

The new Dursilite paint series provides a mould-resistant, extra washable finish, with exceptional coverage and opacity. Formulated with modified acrylic resins in water dispersion and selected fillers, Dursilite gives a smooth, highly silky and matt finish, with an excellent whiteness level. In addition to the original Dursilite paint, the series includes: 

Dursilite Gypsos – developed for plasterboard and modern building systems where it is necessary to disguise joints between the boards. 

Dursilite Igea – for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms subject to condensation. 

Dursilite Master – for fast coverage of all interior walls and ceilings, especially large surface areas. 

Dursilite Matt – for a flat, matt finish in all areas. 

Ideal for medical-health environments, as well as facilities subject to HACCP protocol, new Mapecoat Act is a highly durable acrylic-based enamel paint with special biological protection agents, offered in a Matt and Satin finish. Mapecoat Act counteracts the deposit and growth of moulds, viruses and bacteria – even when surfaces are frequently washed and disinfected – creating a highly resistant smooth, cleanable surface, with very low dirt pick-up.  

To find out more about Mapei’s Dursilite and Mapecoat Act Click Here 

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