Locking captured carbon into concrete facing bricks ..

Marshalls are committed to being a responsible business and are proud to say we’re the first precast concrete manufacturer in the UK to use CarbonCure technology, a process which permanently locks captured carbon into concrete. The innovative technology is being used on facing bricks manufactured at our plant in Grove, South Wales where approximately 50 million bricks are made each year. The carbon is injected into the brick during the manufacturing process, with no impact on its performance or appearance.

Nick Jowett, Technical Director at Marshalls, said: “We’re continually testing and trialling product and manufacturing innovations, and to be able to introduce something which also has a sustainability benefit is a double win. The customers who are now using these bricks tell us that they’d never know the difference, yet we expect that, from this manufacturing site alone, we’ll prevent 30 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere every year. This is the equivalent of driving a family car nearly five and a half times around the world.”

CarbonCure is a climate tech company offering a suite of technologies that reduce and remove carbon dioxide across the concrete manufacturing process. CarbonCure’s technologies inject CO2 directly into concrete as it is being mixed. The CO2 immediately reacts with cement in the mix and mineralises to create calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Once the CO2 is mineralised, it is permanently locked into the concrete forever — never to be released into the atmosphere, even if the concrete is demolished. 

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