New fire-rated glass floor system launched ..

Promat UK has launched SYSTEMGLAS® Stratum, a new load bearing walk-on glass floor system designed to give greater creative scope when integrating passive fire protection. SYSTEMGLAS® Stratum combines a structural glass floor with either EI30 or EI60 glass to provide insulation and integrity fire protection between floors of either 30 or 60 minutes.

It features a high strength double glazed SYSTEMGLAS® unit mounted within a steel frame, complete with spacer bars and all the required insulating materials including silicones and seals. Independently tested with the added assurance of the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® 360 Degree Wheel of Assurance, Stratum is available in non-slip glazing, patterned and obscure glass options to open up new possibilities for glass floors.

To find out more about Promat UK’s fire-rated glass floor system launched by, please click here.

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