Consort Claudgen launches energy-saving air curtain controller ..

Consort Claudgen have launched an optional touchscreen controller for their CA Screenzone aircurtains. The Air Curtain Master Controller (ACMC) is designed with energy-saving features to help minimise heat loss from a building by creating an effective barrier between indoor and outdoor environments. The ACMC has four different modes to suit commercial or retail applications. Additionally, door contacts or occupancy sensors can be installed to further enhance the energy-saving function by enabling the air curtain only when the door is open and disabling it when the door is closed. The ACMC provides 8 heat settings, 8 fan speeds and can control up to 7 air curtains with the same settings. It has a 7-day timer and displays energy usage of all connected air curtains. With proper installation and heating control, a comfortable and consistent indoor climate can be maintained while minimising heat loss, which can lead to significant cost savings.

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