Strand Hardware’s Finger Protectors ..

Quality counts when it comes to finger protection. Product durability and effectiveness can only be assured through certification and BS 8613 outlines requirements and test methods to achieve the standard.

As the UK’s market leader in the supply of quality finger protection, Strand Hardware only stocks products that ‘meet the mark’.

Finger protectors are an essential safety measure to prevent the accidental trapping of fingers between the hinge and door frame. They can be used on manual and automatic doors, including those made from different materials and with different profiles.

Strand’s extensive range is specifically made to meet these requirements. Working closely with customers, our experts help identify the ideal products for specific project needs.

This includes bespoke sizes for items up to 2500mm and special RAL powder coated finishes for customisation.

To find out more about Strand Hardware’s finger protectors, click here.

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