Concertina™ fire and smoke curtains offer unique fire protection solutions ..

Ensuring fire safety without compromising an intended architectural open plan design can be problematic, especially when protecting stairwells and atria.

The FireMaster and SmokeStop Concertina can be used as part of a fire engineering solution in commercial and industrial applications such as airports, shopping centres, offices and hotels or where the need for maintaining open areas for access is vital. It can be applied to atria, escalators, and stairs and remains hidden until deployed by an activated alarm or detector.

The FireMaster and SmokeStop Concertina can be provided in any width with a maximum drop of 8m (FireMaster) and 6m (SmokeStop). It is in accordance with BS EN 12101 for smoke curtains and meets the requirements of BS 8524-1:2013 for fire curtains.

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