FramePro® W1 chosen for Passivhaus Plus housing project in Cardiff ..

The FramePro W1 air barrier system from the A. Proctor Group has been chosen for a new modular Passivhaus Plus housing project in Cardiff.

This innovative project will provide essential housing for Cardiff’s homeless population. It is designed by Beattie Passive using its award-winning, patented design and build system, which the company says is the UK’s first certified Passivhaus Complete Build System.

The development consists of 48 one, two and three-bed apartments with two ancillary office buildings. Manufactured offsite in the Beattie Passive factory in Norwich, the buildings were transported and assembled on-site in Cardiff. The three modular housing blocks provide complete flexibility. Satisfying Cardiff’s immediate requirement to provide housing for people and families in temporary accommodation, in later years, the modules can be dismantled, reconfigured and assembled to suit the demographic needs of the city at that time.

The FramePro W1 system was chosen as an external air barrier. The system comprises FramePro W1, a low-resistance vapour permeable air barrier for walls, plus Wraptite® Tape. Ron Beattie, Managing Director at Beattie Passive, explains. “FramePro W1 is an excellent barrier system that provides complete protection from “windwashing” and the effects of wind penetration and moisture management in buildings. In addition, the system is easy to use and apply, easy to joint, and won’t tear.”

Another benefit of the FramePro W1 system is that applying it externally simplifies the process, maintaining the building’s integrity, as there are fewer building services and structural penetrations to be sealed.

By reducing the likelihood of potential failures to meet designed airtightness levels, the FramePro W1 System helps ensure “as-designed” performance, narrowing the performance gap between as-designed and actual energy performance. This challenge is highlighted in the latest revision of BS5250 – Management and Moisture in Buildings (Revised: July 2021), which includes reference to ‘as designed in theory’ (ADT) and ‘as-built in service’ (ABS).

Isabel Beattie, Director at Beattie Passive, commented, “the buildings are designed to achieve Passivhaus Plus standards and zero carbon. To achieve these high standards, we undertake rigorous testing on the materials used in our build system, and the FramePro W1 system now features in all of our buildings.

To find out more about A.Proctor Groups FramePro W1 air barrier system click here.

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