Insulate and generate in a single product with Kingspan Powerpanel ..

Kingspan PowerPanel is a new generation of PV roof solution, combining a high-performance QuadCore insulated panel with an efficient monocrystalline photovoltaic panel in a single, factory-engineered product, creating roofs that truly work for the building.

The importance of reducing operational carbon emissions through fabric first principles and renewable energy generation have long been recognised as vital in transitioning the UK to a low carbon economy and creating Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). Kingspan PowerPanel has been developed to provide both in a single solution suitable for all kinds of pitched roofs (4° or more after deflection). The QuadCore insulated roof panel can offer U-values as low as 0.25 to 0.12 W/m2K, depending on specification, whilst the output of the solar PV module is 310 Wp.

In addition to speeding up installation, the single component product provides a high-quality finish and helps to keep long-term low operational costs. PowerPanel also easily integrated with QuadCore Trapezoidal Roof Panel and Day-Lite Trapezoidal Rooflight for further energy reduction.

In conjunction with launching PowerPanel, Kingspan have created Rooftricity™ a funding option offering building owners the opportunity to maximise roof space and generate power for their own use. Available for both new build and refurbishment projects, Rooftricity™ not only helps to reduce energy costs without any upfront capital outlay, it also enhances property value by:

  • improving the energy rating and in turn the future value of the property;
  • reducing the buildings’ carbon footprint;
  • safeguarding a business from unexpected energy price increases;
  • protecting a roof over its lifetime with QuadCore® Assured Warranty

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