The new range of commercial circulators from Stuart Turner ..

Stuart Turner announce a new range of commercial circulators for HVAC applications. The Pulse range features High Efficiency ErP compliant pumps in a variety of sizes from with both single and twin head options for Rp1½ to DN80. The range also contains secondary hot water circulators of bronze construction.

Pulse circulators are driven by high efficiency permanent magnet motors with EEI ratings as low as <0.20 and are capable of self-modulating in order to only deliver what flow is required based on demand. Other operating modes include constant speed, night mode and fully automatic mode.

Dimensionally they compare well with products already in the market and in most cases will act as quick and easy replacements with no pipework modification required. They feature a simple to install electrical connection with no need to remove any terminal box.

To find out more about Stuart Turner’s commercial circulators click here.

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