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It was about 60 years ago when Hunter Douglas Architectural developed its first metal ceiling. Since then the technical experts at the world-renowned ceilings specialist have developed a wide range of styles that can be used in almost all types of building.

Gone are the days when they were installed purely for practical reasons and little attention was given to their design. Nowadays, architects ensure ceilings are integral to their plans and have the freedom to experiment.

While, of course, they provide an important practical element, hiding the cables and pipes in the plenum, they are there to be seen and enjoyed. From tight grid structures and tiles to linear and curves as well as hundreds of exciting colour options, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Business Development Manager Pieter van Rees understands the adaptability of Hunter Douglas Architectural’s products and says the development of new shapes and styles means there has never been more choice for architects and designers looking for a definitive style.

“With this great versatility also comes the freedom to experiment by using different styles in one building,” he said.

“Combining different shapes and styles is an excellent way to create a unique and playful ambience. The buildings that use metal ceilings are very diverse and ever-expanding.”

Clever design

Van Rees said clever design techniques also enhance how metal ceilings are used. Linear systems, for example, can be used to provide direction, subtly steering visitors to a railway station or airport in a certain direction by making smart use of the pattern of the ceiling.

Acoustics is another crucial aspect to make sure a space is comfortable and feels more welcoming for users. It is why the ceilings can be manufactured with micro-perforations and an acoustic non-woven backing can be added to the panels as these help to absorb the sound energy.

“This technology makes it possible to mount a metal ceiling in loud environments, such as airport departure halls or large
train stations,” he added.

Why Hunter Douglas stands out

Hunter Douglas prides itself on the quality of its metal ceilings. They are extremely durable – and are guaranteed to last for years – and because they are made from recyclable materials, they are also more environmentally friendly. About 80% of the company’s product line is made of aluminum, with the rest being made from steel, solid or veneered wood.

“It’s a beautifully finished design product and is easily assembled, thanks to the universal mounting system,” explained Van Rees. “Furthermore, aluminum is a lightweight material that can be easily adjusted. That fact also makes it easier to remove and recycle and therefore a sustainable material.”

Architects and designers can commission a custom design from Hunter Douglas Architectural so that it fits their aesthetic vision. As well as standard colours, all metal ceilings can be finished in RAL colours, as well as unique metallic hues.

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