Sanitising to stay safe with Vortice ..

Vortice hygiene products

Vortice is promoting several non-touch hygiene products for public wash rooms post-pandemic. To minimise bacterial and virus transmission, the VORTICE S+G soap dispenser is an automatic non-touch electric dispenser which can be used for either soap or antibacterial disinfectant gel. Once hands are clean, the Vort Super Dry range of electric air blade hand dryers is equipped with HEPA filters and a UV germicidal lamp to kill bacteria and virus.

For extra safety measures, VORTICE offers the UVLOGIKA SYSTEM which is a germicidal UV-C lamp, ideal for sanitising and disinfecting surfaces. Its radiation quickly eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

With many people venturing back into shops, spas and gyms, the cleanliness of public washrooms and toilet facilities post pandemic is more important than ever. Virologists have reiterated the importance of good ventilation to reduce the spread of viruses and sanitisation is the next step towards mitigating the spread of disease – VORTICE offers products designed to help customers with both key issues.

Jennifer Quinn Marketing Manager says ‘Ventilation and sanitisation are so important as we get used to this new normal. It is vital to ensure adequate products are installed to ventilate and sanitise appropriately – we all must play our part to ensure we stay as safe as possible.’

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