Concealment reduces risk of door closer damage ..

concealed door closers

Renowned for its ability to assure a clean, unhindered appearance to doors and interiors, Samuel Heath’s Powermatic controlled, concealed door closer is used extensively in flats, apartments and HMOs throughout the social housing sector thanks to the safety, reliability and low maintenance benefits that the door closer delivers.

Unlike surface-mounted door closers, Powermatic is completely concealed when the door is closed, and not easily visible when open. This can significantly reduce the opportunity for the door closer to be vandalised, tampered with or removed.

Together with the fact that the door closer is maintenance-free and facilitates adjustment of closing speed and latching action without removal from the door, this attribute can result in a reduced maintenance burden for social landlords.

Reduced risk of vandalism also provides significant safety benefits; a damaged door closer can prevent the door from closing correctly. Any door, especially a fire door, that fails to function is, at best, an inconvenience and, at worst, potentially fatal.

From a performance perspective, Powermatic boasts a plethora of national and European technical performance accreditations, including UKCA and CE marking, fire testing on half-hour and one-hour fire doors to BS EN 1634, opening forces that comply with BS8300 and the ability to enable doors to meet the requirements of Approved Document M. It is also the only Certifire jamb-mounted door closer.

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