A different class in glass ..

Flat Glass Window

Offering a sleek, minimalistic finish both inside and out, em.glaze offers undisrupted views and stunning, modern aesthetics. Stocked in popular anthracite grey, em.glaze is available in a wide range of sizes, ventilation options and is compatible with both proprietary upstands and builder’s curbs.

In-house manufacturing allows us to make bespoke to any size – providing endless design possibilities with short lead times. Safety is paramount when dealing with glass rooflights – that’s why em.glaze is CWCT tested to Class 1, so you can rest assured that you’ve put safety first. The thermally broken frame design ensures optimum performance. Also available with custom glazing options including triple glazed and walk-on.

To find out more about Whitesales em.glaze flat glass window click here.

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