The Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N Water Pump ..

The wide range of motors and materials available to choose from for this pump, plus its wide temperature range from -20 to +140 °C make it a real all-rounder for a whole host of different applications.

Designed specifically for continuous duty, this pump also boasts a long service life thanks to its corrosion-resistant coatings and maintenance-free roller bearings. If maintenance is required, the spacer coupling ensures the mechanical seal can be replaced as quickly as possible. The speed of the Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N is controlled by a Wilo-EFC converter. It can be fitted with temperature and vibration monitoring for the pump bearing so that impending breakdowns can be recognised in good time.

To find out more about Wilo’s Wilo-Atmos GIGA-N water pump click here.

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