Partnership delivers certified solution for smoke safety “the proper way” ..

smoke evacuation damper

Peace of mind that smoke evacuation will work is the result of technological developments in a specialist building services partnership.

Leading independent smoke control specialist Baiceir is now using the latest fully compliant smoke evacuation damper- Gilberts’ Series 60- as standard. Believed to be the only vent of its kind designed and manufactured in the UK, Series 60 offers what Gilberts claims is the biggest standard range of EN13501-3 compliant fire-tested dampers for smoke evacuation shafts and risers.

“Having a smoke damper certified to the latest, highest Standards completes the loop for us,” explains Baiceir managing/ technical director Andy Baker. “It means every element of the smoke evacuation systems that we design, model and install is accredited to meet the latest and most rigorous requirements, whether a single stairwell or a complex multi-tower development.

“You hope you don’t have to use our systems, but, if you do, you want it to work! We champion doings things the proper way: at the end of the day, lives are at stake. But in the real world, we still have to offer value for money. Gilberts’ Series 60 enables us to achieve both of those aims.”

Gilberts’ Series 60 combines a low leakage rate and high free area when open to deliver high smoke evacuation rates. Activation (by powered motor) is triggered to open the damper on the fire floor for smoke evacuation, whilst all other dampers remain closed to protect the rest of the building. The damper will give 120 minutes’ fire integrity.

For the contractor, the damper will deliver fully certified integrity and insulation performance, without compromise: its design and construction enables precise flexibility to accommodate variance in the accuracy of the surrounding building fabric.

Adds Ian Rogers, Gilberts’ Sales Director, “Gilberts and Baiceir have a long-standing working relationship. As Andy says, it’s our names and reputations on the line. Quality counts, and Series 60 is our best smoke damper yet.”

The Series 60 smoke damper is the first innovation of the new decade from Gilberts, but continues a reputations for innovation that stretches back over 40 years, and encompasses ventilation solutions for interior and exterior natvent, hybrid and mechanical systems. Gilberts designs, develops, manufactures and fully tests all its products in house at its 95,000 ft2 Blackpool head office, factory and test facility.

For more information about Gilberts Series 60 Dampener, click here.

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