Quiet floors with new acoustic flooring system by Junkers ..

Junckers has launched a new acoustic flooring system with height adjustable cradles. Called New Era, the updated system has been developed specifically to comply with minimum standards for multiple occupancy buildings, set out by building regulations.

The New Era system uses acoustic cradles with 10mm thick recycled rubber pads, factory-fitted to the underside. The cradles are height adjustable using purpose-made packers, supporting laminated timber battens. 50mm thick mineral wool insulation is placed between the battens and Junckers 20.5mm or 22mm thick solid wood floorboards are fixed to the battens to complete the installation. The use of 36mm thick battens achieves an impact sound reduction of 27dB; and a 48mm thick batten achieves an impact sound reduction of 28dB, thus complying with building regulations.

To find out more about Junkers acoustic flooring system click here.

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