Nordic Bronze Façades by Aurubis characterise a new multi-functional building ..

Façades clad in Nordic Bronze from Aurubis characterise a new multi-functional building, designed by F3 Architects and constructed by BASE Contracts, that plays a pivotal role in urban regeneration around the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London.

Aimed at improving the sensitive setting of a long terrace of historically significant Georgian townhouses fronting onto Tottenham’s High Road, No. 1 Paxton Place will also mediate between the height of the Stadium and low-rise townhouses. It sits just next to the north west corner of the stadium and has a ‘sister’ satellite building at the south west corner, known as the Tottenham Experience.

The architects wanted the two buildings to complement but not replicate their external material treatments, with façades responding to the site’s industrial metal-working heritage. Cast iron was used for the Tottenham Experience and Nordic Bronze then chosen for No. 1 Paxton Place. Both buildings share a 900mm coordinating module for their fenestration and cladding, and No. 1 Paxton Place’s bronze vertical seams reflect the randomised verticality of the Tottenham Experience’s cast iron panels.

Emphasised verticality

For No. 1 Paxton Place, Nordic Bronze supplied by Aurubis was preformed into trays by Belfry Ltd., and the system was designed and installed by Novo Facades Ltd. The Nordic Bronze trays in four different widths, varying from 60 – 150mm, were then hand-seamed on site. The apparently randomised layout emphasises the verticality of the fenestration, enhanced by double-seamed joints.

The choice of Nordic Bronze was inspired by the site’s industrial past and the historic use of bronze in London’s prestigious buildings. Its varying brown tones also complement the variety of brickwork on the adjacent, listed Georgian terrace. The architects also sought an ongoing narrative tracing the passage of time through the natural patination of the Nordic Bronze.

Largest Copper Recycler

Nordic Bronze is produced by Aurubis, part of the world’s leading integrated copper group and largest copper recycler. Other copper alloys include Nordic Brass – also available pre-weathered – and the innovative Nordic Royal, an alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc, giving it a stable, rich golden through-colour.

The Aurubis architectural range also includes Nordic Standard ‘mill finish’ and Nordic Brown pre-oxidised copper, offering lighter or darker shades of brown determined by the thickness of the oxide layer. The extensive Nordic Blue, Nordic Green and Nordic Turquoise ranges have been developed with properties and colours based on the same brochantite mineralogy found in natural patinas all over the world. As well as the solid patina colours, ‘Living’ surfaces are available for each with other intensities of patina flecks revealing some of the dark oxidised background material.

High Performance

Nordic Copper architectural surfaces and alloys have an unrivalled lifespan, no maintenance and full recyclability. With a melting point of 1083˚C and ‘A1 (non-combustible material)’ fire classification to EN 13501-1, copper is suitable for cladding tall buildings, using appropriate constructions. Low thermal movement makes it appropriate for any climates and locations – and it is non-toxic and safe to handle, as well as non-brittle and safe to work. Its inherent antimicrobial qualities make it ideal for touch surfaces internally as well.

To find out more about Aurubis’ Nordic Bronze Façades click here.

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