OnLevels improves its System of Invisibility yet again with SkyForce Slim Juliet Balcony ..

Juliet Balcony

Once again ONLEVEL sets innovative trends with the SKYFORCE fall protection for Juliet balconies as it continues to expand it range and choice options of its first practically invisible system application.

Today the SkyForce system is widely considered as the best and most cost-effective system application on the market. There is no system range of low cost and high performance Juliet balcony systems which can be mounted easier or quicker, claim OnLevel. Something widely support by its growing use in the UK market and customer feedback.

Thanks to the availability of a wide choice across the fixing options of ONLEVEL “Prefabricated System”, installers typically save a minimum of 45 minutes of mounting time per set. Satisfying the requirements of BS6180:2011 for fall protection, SkyForce can be fixed to side and face mount application over a wide range of substrates, so compatible with any window profile too. Thanks to OnLevels patented and unrivalled predestined Slide & Click Technique, the system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry providing maximum performance and strength but minimum time and complexity.

With the latest development of SkyForce Slim all the existing advantages of SkyForce remain but with a more sleek profile at only 37mm wide, making the “invisible” design even more effective, ideal for the modern look. SkyForce covers all glass thicknesses, heights and widths with only one profile. SKYFORCE Fall protections for Juliet Balconies offers a range of essential features to both the specifier and installer; easy ordering thanks to packaging sets of 500, 700, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm , OnLevels unique Prefabricated-System , the option of standard lengths of 5000 mm available to allow custom made solutions, inclusive design with drainage channels, a range of colour design possible according to all RAL options, all wrapped up with General Building Inspection Test Certificate ABP and BS6180 certification.

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