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Located at the heart of London and on the doorstep of landmarks Kings Cross and St. Pancras, is The California Hotel. This city hotel plays hosts to folk from around the world, all looking out onto the streets of London through traditional looking box sash windows. Now, this iconic and rather special hotel has been transformed using REHAU’s stylish Vertical Sliding windows, combining today’s modern conveniences with the elegance of yesterday’s grand accommodations.

The California boasts a genuine personal touch in architecture and style, but when its windows fitted with aluminium vertical sliders were wearing out causing potential health and safety issues, the property owners were looking for alternatives that combined the heritage of the building and the conveniences of modern construction. Roseview’s Heritage Rose vertical slider seemed like the perfect choice.

Heritage Rose vertical sliders – manufactured using REHAU Heritage profiles by specialist fabricator Roseview Windows – are a prestigious and market-leading sash window that oozes period charm and character.

SCI, a specialist in quality replacement of windows and doors based in Surrey, were contracted to replace the windows in the front exterior of the building. To ensure the best possible outcome, SCI carried out a trial run of the windows before the entire project was completed and it passed with flying colours. 

Neal Hovey, Managing Director at SCI said: “We have been in the windows industry for over three decades now and believe in providing our customers with quality products that allow them to enjoy the best value for money and are longer lasting, more secure, better performing and easier to live with. When it comes to replacement windows we always aim to respect the original architecture of a property and wherever possible fit a replacement window or door which retains the integrity of the design.

“The requirements from The California were simple – replace the current aluminium vertical sliders with cost effective, low maintenance, heritage style, aesthetically pleasing windows and the Heritage Rose was no doubt the right product, fitting all these requirements.”

The Heritage Rose has been engineered to ensure the highest levels of security and scores high for its acoustic and energy efficiency credentials. It incorporates an exclusive stylish run-through sash horn designed to replicate the fine details you would find on a timber sash window. The run-through sash horn was developed by the R&D team at Roseview and lends perfectly to the requirements of The California Hotel’s renovation. 

Richard Burrells, Director at Roseview Windows said: “When I heard about the project and that SCI would be installing I had no doubt that the quality of finish would be second to none. We have worked on many high-profile projects over the years with Neal and his team and the feedback from all our clients has been fantastic. It has always been important for us to work with installers that have a high standard of workmanship and are an extension to our own brand and SCI goes above and beyond this. We would never hesitate to recommend them.” 

It has an authentic deep bottom rail and in recent years, the Heritage Rose has emerged a popular choice. Designed with all the traditional detailing found in period windows, Heritage Rose is highly customisable and comes in a range of colours.

The entire transformation took close to a month to complete as installation had to take place around everyday business, including room occupancy and guest comfort. The vertical sliding windows adequately met the requirements for low maintenance and energy efficiency, but also matched the heritage appeal of the property with the added authenticity of run through sash horns.

Mark Collins, Area Sales Manager from REHAU said: “We are very excited that our Heritage Vertical Sliding profiles have been chosen for this renovation and am confident that it meets all the requirements of the building. Heritage Rose may have been designed with authenticity in mind, but not at the cost of modern features and benefits. It is easy to operate, very low maintenance and never needs repainting, making it the ideal choice for The California.”

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