Completing the Square with Nordic Royal Copper Cladding ..

copper cladding

A series of Nordic Royal copper cladding and stone fins enables the complex to be very ‘open’ when viewed directly, whilst appearing solid in oblique views. Nordic Royal is a golden alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc, giving a rich golden through-colour that is very stable. It retains its golden colour and gradually loses some of its sheen, providing a protective matt finish.  

Designed by Hoskins Architects and CDA, a major redevelopment occupies most of the southern edge of St Andrew Square in Edinburgh’s ‘New Town’ World Heritage Site.

For this project, Aurubis treated the Nordic Royal to give a non-reflective, brushed surface that will then change in subtle ways over time.

 Photo – dapple photography

To find out more about Nordic Royal copper cladding by Aurubis please click here.

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