Custom Built Zurich Heat Interface Units Supplied for Cambridgeshire Apartments ..

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A residential conversion project being carried out in a small Cambridgeshire town is currently nearing completion, with the mechanical services contractor undertaking the installation of custom built versions of GF Piping Systems’ Zurich range of heat interface units (HIU’s): delivering both very efficient space heating and continuous hot water for the occupants of the apartments.  The W2 Building in Great Cambourne was formerly an office block, but is being refurbished and reconfigured by developer, Aspens, to create 18 high specification dwellings across the three floors. Gowing & Hunt is meanwhile undertaking the installation of the property’s building services, which includes a centralised boiler system with modern HIUs – tailored to suit the property’s special requirements, providing the ideal delivery solution.  The adapted twin plate heat exchanger units had to be customised because the utility cupboards where they are fitted are compact, the standard Zurich design was re-engineered to provide top primary connection and incorporated the flushing bypass valve within the casing.  With the cover fitted the special Zurich HIUs measure 672mm wide by 790mm tall, while they are just 250mm deep.   They offer 10 kW output in heating mode and 45 kW for direct hot water supply to the apartments’ kitchens and bathrooms.

Richard Vincent, the contracts manager for Gowing & Hunt, commented: “The project was originally specified by ourselves – including the decision to make use of a central boiler plant heating system, with three condensing gas boilers plus a booster set in the plant room and featuring the use of twin plate HIUs. Based on a previous development in the region where there were 75 flats.

George Fischer has custom built the HIUs to meet the project requirements, which included adaptation to the connection and bypass. One plate heat exchanger in the HIU provides the domestic hot water within the flat, while another does the heating using radiators in every room. The installation has been a success.”

The Zurich HIU’s are just one solution within GF Piping Systems’ City Range of heat interface units, which also includes the Geneva single plate models for the supply of domestic hot water only. GF Piping Systems City Range are capable of meeting any communal or district heating system’s requirements, including the use of renewable or waste heat energy sources and the provision of customer energy metering billing services.

For more information on Zurich Heat Interface units, please click here.

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