Ancon further extends its ST1 wall tie range for super-insulated high-rise buildings ..

Masonry Fixings

Now available in lengths of 325mm and 350mm, the Ancon ST1 wall tie range has been extended to suit high-rise masonry buildings with insulated cavities up to 225mm wide.

This latest wall tie development clearly demonstrates that Ancon continues to lead the field in masonry fixings. The ST1 is the only heavy duty wall tie on the market suitable for these super-insulated cavities and, with wall tie installation being such a hot topic following the collapse of an Edinburgh school wall as a result of poor workmanship, these new longer lengths of ST1 feature a maximum design cavity embedment guide at each end to aid installation.

The Type 1 (heavy duty) performance of these ties is independently verified by tension and compression tests in M2 mortar at Lucideon and declared through Ancon’s ‘CE’ labelling and documentation.

Type 1 wall ties are suitable for virtually any building type, height and geographical location and are installed at a standard spacing of 2.5 ties per square metre; they are typically used on developments over 15 metres in height.

Available in boxes of 250 ties, the Ancon ST1 is value-engineered from stainless steel strip. The unique ST1 design, with its relatively small cross-sectional area, provides high strength and lower thermal transfer compared to other metal ties, at a competitive price.

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