Schlüter®-PROFILES – Finishing Touches Matter ..

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. Schlüter-Systems provides tile trim, edging and border profiles, including Schlüter®-JOLLY, -RONDEC and -QUADEC (square, curved & cubic profiles respectively, for walls). They are now also available in textured finishes inspired by current tiling trends, courtesy of Schlüter®-TRENDLINE—from ivory, beiges and greys that are the perfect match to greige coverings or concrete, right through to rustic brown to tie in perfectly with wood and graphite metal finishes.

Specifically designed for neat finishing of tricky corner joints, profile variants Schlüter®-JOLLY-AC, -RONDEC-AC and -QUADEC-AC are now available in two new finishes—Matt Graphite Black (MGS) and Satin Brilliant White (MBW)—to add a sleek and sophisticated finishing touch to any project.

For more information please visit the Schluter website.

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