Door Frame Protector – Damage Eliminated with Yeoman Shield ..


The Door Frame Protector is the latest product to be added to this range helping clients to overcome the problem of split and splintered door frames that can be caused from people, wheeled equipment, trolleys and wheelchairs pushing through doorways.

Interior maintenance, such as repair, repainting and re-plastering in busy and well used buildings can be a financial burden.

With over 50 years in the business Yeoman Shield’s experience and knowledge of vulnerable areas in buildings such as walls, corners, doors and door frames, that are prone to damage has led to the honing of an outstanding, stylish yet functional range of 30+ wall and door protection systems to provide solutions to these predicaments.

Manufactured with a 65 x 65mm leg length (though shorter options are available on request), with a 20mm formed corner designed especially to deflect damaging blows to wooden door frames and architraves.

Supplied in 2.4m lengths the and in the full range of 48 on trend colours, the Universal Frame Protector can accommodate most door frame configurations being both easy and quick to install.

Once in place this product will offer protection to vulnerable frame work for many years to come whilst eliminating the need for repainting, saving valuable time and money.

For more information on Yeoman Shield’s door frame protector, please visit their website

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