Kingspan Enviro introduce Thermomax – Heat Pipe Collector ..

Heat Pipe Collector

Kingspan Solar, global leader in manufacturing high performance solar thermal solutions, has recently launched the market’s first ‘Low Inclination’ Heat Pipe collector with a unique temperature limitation device. The company has designed a special ‘Low Inclination’ roof kit for its Thermomax collectors, which significantly increases the flexibility of installation and usage of the HP400 and HP450 models.

The original Thermomax HP400/450 system can only be mounted at inclinations between 20° and 75°. Addition of the new ‘Low Inclination’ kit allows the collectors to be mounted at inclination angles down to 10° and up to 90°. This makes them suitable for use in a wider number of applications, even where the original Thermomax HP couldn’t be used. The new kit makes the system especially suited for industrial flat roof applications, where high ballast loads can now be avoided thanks to reduced wind load.

For more information on Kingspan’s Heat Pipe Collector’s  please visit their website.

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