Opaque Topcoat from Remmers Sets Sail at Red Wharf Bay ..

opaque topcoat

Remmers Opaque topcoat was selected for an exterior makeover for The Red Wharf Bay Sailing & Watersports where members of the club decided that the exterior of the building was looking a little tired and a refresh was needed before the new season started at Easter.

Due to its performance characteristics and suitability to coastal locations, Remmers opaque topcoat was the product for the job! Set in an area of outstanding beauty at Traeth Bychan on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The member’s clubhouse has been sited here for over 50 years due to its suitable sailing waters.

Over two weekends of good weather, the clubhouse was transformed and the new colour gave the clubhouse the refreshed look it deserved.

For more information on Remmers Opaque topcoat  please visit their website.

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