Sangamo make the time switch on to NFC technology ..

Time Switch

Time switch manufacturer Sangamo, makers of the Round Pattern Time Switch (RPTS) range, has launched DIN rail mounted digital time switches that include NFC capability and is available using the free Sangamo Connect app on an Android NFC enabled smartphone.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a low powered wireless communication technology, such as a contactless bank card to tap on a card reader.

The switches come with a new self-optimised consumption, meaning the switch continually checks it’s using as little energy as it can for the programming status it’s in, from a maximum of 1.0W down to as little as 0.2W in standby mode – a saving of between 44-75% over standard digital time switches. The over a building, council area or even the whole country becomes significant both in terms of cost of running and the environment.

For more information on Sangamo NFC time switch systems please visit their website.

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