Selectaglaze are helping projects achieve BREEAM ratings ..

Selectaglaze Secondary Glazing Systems

The thermal efficiency of our buildings and the energy we waste, have become important topics both on an environmental and financial level. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems using low emissivity glass can reduce heat loss by more than half and achieve a U-value of around 1.9. With sealed unit glazing this is further reduced, and a figure as low as 0.8 can be achieved. Bespoke manufacture and high performance seals ensure the tightest fit, reducing air infiltration and almost eliminating drafts. Selectaglaze secondary glazing has been used to help achieve BREEAM ratings on various projects, Wiltshire Town Hall and Ham Yard Hotel have achieved a BREEAM excellent rating, and Albany House and Mortimer Street apartments have received a BREEAM “Very Good”. Visit Selectaglaze at Eco Build: Stand E2152

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