OWA UK’s healthy formula for mineral ceiling tiles ..

With the need to improve indoor air quality a key concern for specifiers working across public sector construction projects, OWA’s OWAlifetime range of mineral ceiling tiles can provide peace of mind as well as excellent acoustic performance. 

OWA manufacturers its extensive range of mineral tiles to a unique formulation that aims to reduce emissions from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) when in situ and limits the use of resin binders and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Instead, OWA utilises four natural ingredients; recycled glass, limestone, potato starch and clay.

The process involves creating the mineral wool by spinning recycled glass bottles and silica sand with limestone fibres. Potato starch is added to bind the mineral wool, which is then immersed in a bath of liquefied clay. When dried, this clay holds the wool in a solid board format without the need for chemical resins or binders. The benefit of this specific formulation is that OWA’s mineral ceiling tiles produce practically zero VOC emissions which in turn contributes to improved indoor air quality and more comfortable interior environments.

OWA’s full range of mineral ceiling tiles have been developed and tested in accordance with ISO 16000 to validate the product’s low VOC content. All products have also been manufactured to comply with BS EN 13964 which outlines the best practice requirements and test methods for suspended ceilings. A key part of this is clause 4.5 which relates to the formaldehyde content of ceiling tiles. 

As one of the most popular ranges within OWA’s extensive product portfolio, mineral ceiling tiles are particularly suited for healthcare and education projects, as well as commercial and public use buildings which have been designed to meet the requirements of the WELL Building Standard.

OWA’s mineral ceiling systems include a range of classic ceiling styles that each offer exceptional acoustic performance, in addition to specialist solutions such as the Humancare collection which features an enhanced hygienic finish to inhibit the spread of germs and viruses. 

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