Hunter Douglas’s metal exterior ceilings – quality you can trust ..

When only premium materials and construction quality will do: Hunter Douglas’s range of superior metal exterior ceilings will complete any project.

The vanguard of quality, they are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and are ideally suited to environments such as car parks, stadiums, airports and office blocks. They are all ISO9001 and TAIM certified, providing assurance they are of the highest standard when it comes to production processes, material, machinery and finished

David Harris, general manager of Hunter Douglas Architectural UK, said: “Our systems are manufactured from a highperformance exterior grade aluminium alloy, with our exclusive protective exterior paint. We can provide large panels that are capable of enduring harsh conditions and high wind loads, typical of exterior applications.

“Our exterior systems are available in several different size profiles and in a range of standard colours, which makes them ideal for use in external canopies, soffits, car parks, airports and stadiums. Both the panel and carrier systems are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze and can be fully recycled.”

The Linear system has a range of styles and applications that are suitable for a variety of settings.
There are three closed systems:
• The Luxalon® Closed Ceiling system. Available in three widths – 75mm, 150mm and 225mm, they can all be combined and easily clipped on a universal carrier to create multiple designs possibilities.
• The Luxalon® wide panel system. The panels are 300mm wide and are designed for larger spaces, with panels manufactured up to 6m long to minimise the number of joints, while still being lightweight and easy to handle.
• The Luxalon® 84C Closed Ceiling system. There are box panels that are clipped on the carrier. The 84mm wide panels feature a flange that closes off the 16mm joint between the panels, while the 12.5mm deep recessed joint gives a linear direction to the ceiling plane.

Developed as a façade, but suitable for exterior applications, the Luxalon® MultiPanel Façade features neat closed joints, which give a smooth and uninterrupted appearance. Designers can combine the 150mm and 200mm panels to produce different effects.

Our three linear open ceilings enable architects and designers to create innovative and striking looks:
• The Luxalon® 70U ceiling system, for developments that need a stronger and impact-resistant finish, is a box panel with 70mm wide aluminium panels. These enable gaps between the panels, creating a directional effect.
• Our Luxalon® Linear Open 80B features slender box panels that are ideal when a directional ceiling is required. The joints between the panels can be open or closed.
• The Luxalon® Exterior 84R, which has 84mm round edged panels with 16mm joints that enhance the linear appearance. Combining the panels with join profiles provide a visually closed ceiling.

The V100 exterior ceiling is suitable for lightweight and open ceiling requirements. Ideal for reducing the room height while retaining original room volume, the V100 screen ceilings are engineered to dimensionally define the ceiling plane. They comprise vertically hung ‘floating’ panels and create unique visual patterns and lines.

Our exterior metal ceilings are available in a wide range of colours and are finished in Hunter Douglas’s exclusive Luxacote® Exterior Coating. Comprising three layers – pre-treatment, primers and a UV and scratch-resistant topcoat – the coating enhances the ceilings’ strength and durability.

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