SuperPhon panels provide reverberation control ..

CMS Danskin Acoustics’ SuperPhon panels are contributing to reverberation control at a newly built school in East Hertfordshire, helping to ensure standards for acoustics in new school buildings are met.

Built to Passivhaus standards by Morgan Sindall Construction for Hertfordshire County Council, 175 SuperPhon panels of varying sizes and colours were installed by SCL Interiors, mainly on classroom walls, to absorb sound and provide reverberation control.

SuperPhon provides up to Class ‘A’ acoustic performance and has a Noise Reduction Coefficient from 0.80 to 1.15 – an NRC of 0 indicating perfect reflection and an NRC of 1 indicating perfect absorption.  The sound absorption coefficient is tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003. SuperPhon is available in standard sizes, thicknesses and finishes.

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