Vista Engineering Ltd launch a new double drip design for its Type 4 housing tie, the VE4-275. ..

The new shape is designed to address applications where there is no drip in the clear cavity.  Historically this would have required a specific offset drip tie which, if installed the wrong way round, would mean the wall still has no drip in the clear cavity.

The new VE4 has been created in such a way so that it can still be installed either way round without diminishing performance and ensuring it cannot be installed incorrectly.

In addition to working in situations where there is no drip in the clear cavity the new Vista VE4 can be used in standard cavities. 

The new VE4-275 wall tie conforms to PD6697 as a Type 4 tie suitable for party walls at 126 to 150mm cavities.

In addition to carrying the UK CA mark it can be used in line with NHBC standards, and is still the only stainless steel Type 4 wall tie to be BBA approved.

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