FP200 Finger Protection Device ..

It’s an open and shut case: finger protectors are an economical way of preventing the accidental trapping of fingers between the hinged edge of a door and its frame.

Strand Hardware offers a range of finger protection devices to fit various door types and profiles – the most popular of which is the FP200, the original and market-leading roller blind finger protection device.

It comes in a standard size for most doors: 1925mm in SAA, white (RAL 9016) and dark bronze anodised finish c/w black flame-retardant fabric. It can also be made in special lengths from 325mm up to a maximum 2500mm and in customised RAL colours on request. 

The FP200 has a 260mm wide fabric travel and is suitable for use on single and double action doors. It has achieved class 2, the higher level of the British standard for finger protection devices BS 8613 and has fire test evidence for timber doors. 

A Lifetime warranty is also available (subject to terms and conditions).

For automatic doors, there’s also a variant, the FP200X, measuring 2015mm, which complies with EN 16005.

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