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Aside from the requirement for New Build and converted multi-occupancy buildings to meet Part E of the Building Regulations (Resistance to the Passage of Sound), major upgrades to many pre- existing acoustic insulation levels are vital if people are to truly experience ‘comfort’ in their domestic and work environment. With only 25% of UK homes being classed as detached, the lives of millions of people living in terraced properties, semi-detached houses and apartments are made a misery because of noisy neighbours. Whilst national statistics for noise complaints are not readily available, in the city of Leeds alone, a Freedom of Information Act request showed that 23,350 noise complaints were made to Leeds City Council in a period of just over two years up to March 2018. If these figures are typical for a large council area, the scale of the problem UK-wide could be huge.

Effective solutions can begin with the soundproofing of separating walls and ceilings using Maxiboard, manufactured by Sound Reduction Systems. Maxiboard is a patented composite soundproof board manufactured from cement and gypsum with a polymeric core effecting constrained layer damping to maximise performance. Maxiboard offers excellent sound insulation performance and is a very strong, impact-resistant board, capable of taking screws and fixings direct. Designed to be easily and quickly installed within many different types of buildings, Maxiboard is ideal for soundproofing new and existing ceilings and walls – anywhere you could use a standard plasterboard but require far higher levels of sound insulation. It is normally installed as part of a system incorporating Maxi Resilient Bars to create an isolated frame, Maxi Slab insulation for absorption in the cavity and perimeter sealer to ensure isolation where the product abuts adjoining floors, walls and ceilings.

Alex Docherty, Director of Sound Reduction Systems says: “The Maxi 60 Ceiling System offers a virtually bullet proof solution to Part E of the Building Regulations whilst also achieving a 1hr fire rating and all within a tiny 60mm build up.” “Maxiboard is also perfect to use for personal comfort in any domestic and commercial setting. The effects of noise on our home and work life are not talked about often enough, but we know they can have a massive effect on our health, happiness and ability to be productive. With solutions like Maxiboard and its ability to transform the soundproofing levels of separating walls and ceilings, the solutions are available now and we can offer all the technical guidance required to deliver the best result.”

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