To comply with current fire safety standards, Marley Alutec has launched updated versions of two of its popular Elite aluminium balcony rainwater outlets, which can be adapted on site to meet different requirements. As a non-combustible A2-S1,d0 fire-rated product, these outlets are ideal for use on all types of residential buildings, including high-rise developments over 11 metres.

The new Elite balcony outlets, based on the Alutec DR360 and DR460 outlets, now include a longer 750 mm spigot as standard, which can easily be cut to the required length on site. This means it is no longer necessary for installers to order outlets with bespoke spigot lengths – therefore avoiding longer lead times.

The new DR360EX and DR460EX outlets are also directly compatible with Marley Alutec 76 mm and 102 mm circular downpipes respectively. These aluminium downpipes carry the same A2-S1,d0 fire-rating that is essential on buildings over 11 metres. This makes it simple to design a rainwater drainage system that is fully compliant with the fire regulations.

Since the 2021 edition of the National House Building Council (NHBC) Standards, the guidance has been that, in line with BS8579:2020, piped drainage rather than edge drainage is the preferred approach for balconies. Aluminium balcony outlets also provide a solution for compliance with the latest requirements for high-rise residential buildings in accordance with Approved Document B of the Building Regulations in England. For residential buildings with a storey 11 metres or more in height, the simplest approach to compliant balcony construction is to use only non-combustible materials (class A1 or A2-S1,d0), such as aluminium.

Tim Streeton, Senior Technical Services Engineer at Marley Alutec commented: “While the focus is often on cladding with regard to fire safety, all external elements, including drainage must be considered. Our Elite aluminium balcony outlets are a popular choice for many projects, especially high-rise residential projects where the use of non-combustible materials is essential. The new outlets ensure architects can specify rainwater solutions for high-rise projects, confident in the knowledge that all fire safety considerations have been covered.”

To learn more on Marley Alutec’s Elite product range, including the new balcony outlets, click here.

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