FIREFLY’S ZEUS 90:30 protects new industrial units ..

The specialist sub-contractor undertaking much of the fit out for 26 new industrial units at Ferndown, near Poole in Dorset, put forward the use of the ZEUS Lite 90:30 high performance fire barrier, from the range of TBA FIREFLYTM, in order to protect all of the suspended ceilings within offices and other ancillary areas. FIREFLYTM ZEUS Lite is ideally suited to this type of application, comprising a flexible woven fabric fire barrier that has been specifically developed for the vertical separation and compartmentation of extensive concealed spaces within buildings. By offering 90 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation, FIREFLYTM ZEUS Lite 90:30 exceeds the minimum requirements regarding fire barriers under the Building Regulations’ Approved Document B (Fire Safety).

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