Marley’s AntiSlip decking is the perfect fit ..

Anti-slip timber decking boards are a popular choice for many projects particularly across the education, leisure and lifestyle, health and retail and should be used for any application where there is public access. All of Marley’s decking is manufactured from sustainably sourced European Redwood providing full chain of custody with FSC and PEFC certification. We visually assess our deck boards to BS 4978 in line with the grading requirements of BS EN 14081 and are supplied graded to C16 or C24. Our decking is preservative treated for a long service life. Marley has long recognised the potential dangers of slippery decking and developed an anti-slip range of deck boards with enhanced grip. CitiDeck® and AntiSlip Plus® profiles which provide a non-slip surface that can be used safely all year round.

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