New Score & Snap tile backer board ..

A new, lightweight, ‘score & snap’ tile backer board has been launched by construction materials supplier Euroform. Named ‘Easyboard®’, the fibre cement board is designed for use in areas of high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and has secured an A1 non-combustible rating. Easyboard®’s ‘score & snap’ nature is an innovative development for a tile backer board – it is scored easily with a traditional utility knife and snapped to size without the use of specialist cutting equipment. In addition, its relative lightweight (approx. 13 Kg per 800mm x 1200mm sheet) means that it can be lifted and fitted by a single installer or DIY user. Easyboard® has been classified A1 “non-combustible” according to (BS) EN 13501-1.

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