Boost building security with Intratone’s wireless SC-03 intercom ..

For housing professionals, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of tenants is non-negotiable. Fitting the latest access control technology, such as Intratone’s wireless SC-03 intercom, is a simple way for housing professionals to proactively prioritise building security, while also streamlining their own workflows.

As a wireless system, not only is the SC-03 easy to install, but residents can control door access via their own preferred digital device or landline. This is thanks to the benefits of GSM (or the ‘Global System for Mobile Communication’) cellular technology, which connects users wirelessly across an unlimited network.

Handily, the SC-03 also has an integrated pinhole camera, which enables tenants to see who is at the door before answering. Housing professionals can rest assured that the SC-03 intercom is durable too; its vandal-resistant screen means that it stands the test of time.

The SC-03 also has a secure remote online management system, making it easier for housing managers to keep track of entries to the property. All resident information can be updated remotely, while any lost key fobs can be deleted from the intercom’s memory and are copy protected. Plus, access can be granted to external contractors in a few clicks, streamlining time and costs with fewer on-site visits.

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