Saniflo Sanicom helps dispel waste at Arrival micro factory ..

A revolutionary new business start-up in the UK is shaking up the electric vehicle world with a little bit of help from Saniflo.

Arrival, based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, is a pioneering manufacturer that uses unique technologies, including AI, to create affordable, purpose-built electric vehicles for commercial customers including buses, vans and taxis.  The company is creating micro factories for smaller production runs of multiple vehicle types, which ensures vehicles are made near where they are sold; serving the local community and responding rapidly to local demand.

The modular nature of the assembly process means any industrial warehouse can converted into an Arrival micro factory. In Bicester, the 30,000ft² unit is being used for composites production. It is situated next door to the assembly plant and whilst the ideal size for the operation, there was initially insufficient drainage for the discharge of grey water waste from some production operations. Pumping solutions were required to take waste water from machine tooling and hand wash basins as well as condensate from the air conditioning system at one end of the factory, to a soil pipe at the other.

Local installer, Stoxham Ltd, was appointed to undertake the work. To ensure the most appropriate pumps for the application, the company contacted the Saniflo technical team for support and advice. Due to the complexity of the installation, a site survey was conducted by a Saniflo representative which resulted in the specification of five heavy duty Sanicom lifting stations. Two of the units featured twin pumps to ensure continuity of use plus an external control panel with alarm as well as BMS output.

The 50mm discharge pipework runs 90m horizontally from each pump into a single soil and vent pipe in the corner of the facility.

Ann Boardman, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Saniflo, is delighted that Saniflo products have featured in such an exciting new venture;

“Our products can be found working diligently in the background in many interesting businesses and sectors, but we’re delighted that they are helping this visionary business with their environmentally friendly vehicles. They have actively committed to reducing carbon from the vehicles we see on the roads all day every day which will have a huge impact on emissions. We’re proud to be involved even in just a small way.”

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