Innovative new wood flooring has integral acoustic layer ..

Acoustic insulation experts CMS Danskin Acoustics and specialist dry lay flooring company Tier Global have collaborated to develop an innovative engineered wood flooring system with integral Regupol® acoustic layer.  It is believed to be the first to have a built-in acoustic layer.

Named TIERacoustix™, the floor board is manufactured in the UK, has UKCA approval and received CE certification in late January 2022.

TIERacoustix™ consists of a thick UV oiled oak wear layer suitable for commercial use, a Regupol® Eco 18db reduction layer and a laminated birch core.  A variant, TIERacoustix™ Magnetic, also incorporates Tier Global’s patented magnetic backing for dry lay projects where access to raised access floor voids is required.

In addition to the good acoustic dampening qualities of the new product, the tongue and groove version reduces installation time by up to 50 per cent and the magnetic version cuts installation time by up to 75 per cent.

TIERacoustix™ is produced at Tier Global’s production line in the UK.  CMS Danskin Acoustics supplies the acoustic Regupol® layer, which is laminated into the middle of the board.  A sustainable product, Regupol® is manufactured from recycled aircraft tyres.

Both TIERacoustix™ and TIERacoustix™ Magnetic have undergone rigourous testing and meet current regulations and performance requirements, including fire resistance, formaldehyde emissions, anti-slip properties and thermal conductivity.

TIERacoustix™ has other significant benefits over the traditional four-component (adhesive, rubber, adhesive, flooring) process for installing engineered wood floors.

Tier Global director Dale Nunn explains, “Installing TIERacoustix™ and TIERacoustix™ Magnetic is considerably swifter, because both involve just two components, that means fewer site visits and deliveries and easier unloading.  Without compromising quality, the incorporation of the Regupol® layer has resulted in a major reduction in critical path on site.”

Chris Fitzpatrick, head of product development at CMS Danskin Acoustics, says TIERacoustix™ is a major advance, “We were delighted to apply our acoustic insulation expertise to this joint development project.  This is an innovative product that is already generating considerable interest from architects, specifiers and building contractors attracted by its noise reduction properties, the speed with which it can be installed and the magnetic option for use on raised access floors.”

TIERacoustix™ is available in 12 standard colours or over one thousand bespoke colours and finishes.  It can be laid on concrete or timber sub floors or to span joists and carries the FSC and PEFC marks.

TIERacoustix™ Magnetic is easy to lift and reinstate without any impact on the quality of the finish.

In addition to these wood flooring products, Tier Global is developing a ceramic tile version with integrated Regupol® acoustic layer and magnetic backing to give the same performance as a traditional wet laid floor.

Tier Global has a patent pending on TIERacoustix™ and TIERacoustix™ Magnetic.  A number of successful applications are to be announced shortly.

Part of SIG plc, CMS Danskin Acoustics produces and sources insulation products advising on all matters relating to sound proofing materials and noise reduction strategies, including floors, ceilings and walls, to combat airborne and impact noise.  Notable projects include the Bank of England, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Shard.

Tier Global specialises in engineered wood flooring, including its ground-breaking magnetic flooring system for raised access floors which has been used successfully in corporate, medical, retail, exhibition, education and airport settings.  Projects include Nasdaq, Pan Macmillan Publishers, and BBC White City Soho House.

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