A Limitless Surface Solution ..

The dp-limitless range offered by the company continues their innovative approach and supplies a range of specialised decorative and high performance products available without commitment to bulk quantities and is deliverable from single sheets up to full load quantities – from stock.

dp-limitless is a range that offers exactly what the brand says, a limitless number of surface finishes bonded to the substrate of choice. The core range is extensive and includes an array of materials and finishes including: High Pressure Laminates, Senoplast Acrylics, 2mm Senoplast Acryl Glass, Real Stone Veneer, Faux Leather, Natural Wood Veneer Laminate, Technical Surfaces and of course Unique, one off surface finishes providing contemporary and traditional bespoke surface solutions manufactured in the UK.

dp-limitless has been created to ensure that what you imagine, Decorative Panels can deliver in veneers and laminates.

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