How retrofitting GSM technology ensures secure, efficient access control ..

Introducing new technology into older housing stock is an effective solution for housing professionals who are seeking to tackle operational inefficiencies and rising maintenance bills – and enhance the tenant experience. However, it’s often the case that replacing ageing devices is costly, while finding the correct system for every residence can be challenging.

For access control, the latest wireless technology ensures this doesn’t need to be the case. With GSM – the same technology that powers mobile phone calls – plastic handsets and cabled intercoms become unnecessary. Instead, tenants can control access to their residence by using their landline or preferred digital device.

And as the technology is all wireless, retrofitting GSM-powered intercoms and access control systems takes significantly less time than traditional, wired systems, with no need for tenant disturbance.

For housing professionals, GSM-enabled devices can also be linked to remote online management systems, so they can oversee access to the block from their own office or place of work, including carrying out day-to-day administration tasks remotely.

At Intratone, our entire range of wireless property management systems have been created using GSM technology – ideal for housing professionals seeking to enhance security and user-friendliness in existing stock.

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