Safe and sound with Sika’s fire-resistant sealant ..

For passive fire protection with added peace of mind, Sika’s Sikacryl® -621 acrylic sealant combines exceptional fire-resistance with the added benefit of providing acoustic insulation.

The phthalate-free Sikacryl-621 acrylic sealant is incredibly flexible and can offer up to 4 hours of fire resistance, helping to limit the spread of fire, heat and smoke through walls and floors disrupted by linear and penetrative joints and seals. By providing a robust seal, the product can also help with soundproofing requirements and dries to a smooth finish which can easily be painted over.

Ready to use and easy to apply, the product has been designed to work individually or alongside other products within Sika’s extensive passive fire protection range to offer reliable results for a range of applications.

Sika’s passive fire protection range comprises fire-resistant sealants, coatings, wraps, collars, fire boards, compounds and ablative pads. When used as part of a comprehensive firestopping strategy, these products can help to contain and control fire, and extend the time for occupants to be safely evacuated.

Sika’s experienced and qualified technical team are also on hand to help specifiers and specialist installers identify a clear and compliant passive firestopping strategy, including offering detailed technical evaluations for more complicated joint specifications.

These technical evaluations are offered free of charge, and can usually be completed within a working week, providing all the necessary information is supplied. These legal documents can then provide building owners with the reassurance of knowing that not only are the specified passive fire protection products fit for purpose, but they are also fully compliant with the relevant building regulations. The evaluations also cover the classification of the passive fire protection system in terms of its integrity (E) and insulation (I), and the duration of fire and heat resistance it can offer.

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